Instructions Upon Your Arrival From The Airport Or Port

Instructions for Airport and Port Transfers:

Upon arrival at the airport, you’ll find our driver waiting for you at exit 3 inside the building, just after the luggage area. Keep an eye on your SMS/WhatsApp for updates.

For port transfers, locate our driver outside the ship.

Rest assured, if your flight or ship experiences a delay, we’ve got it covered – we monitor all flights and ships. Please inform us only in the event of a cancellation.


In the event that you cannot locate our driver holding the sign, promptly reach out to us at +30 694 754 5067 for immediate assistance. This situation may occur, especially during the bustling summer season when crowds at the gate can make it challenging to spot our guide.

Give us a call right away using the provided phone number, and move approximately 30-40 meters towards exit 3. Wait on the inner side (inside the airport) so that our driver can easily locate you. Your prompt communication ensures a swift resolution.

Departure From Hotel Or Apartment

For Hotel Pick-up: Expect our driver to arrive promptly at the scheduled time. He will enter the hotel and proceed to the reception to locate you.

For Apartment Pick-up: Ensure you’re at the apartment exit at the agreed-upon time. Once our driver arrives, he will either call you or send a message on WhatsApp to coordinate the pick-up.

If you encounter any issues or delays on your end, kindly reach out to us at the provided phone number.